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What is Submarine?

Submarine is a CRM designed for marketing and PR teams. It's a way of keeping a businesses contacts (such as journalists) all together in one place, where they're easily searchable and visible to the entire team.

How is it different to other CRMs?

Most CRMs are built for sales teams - but marketing & PR doesn't quite work in the same way. Sales CRMs usually treat your contacts as one-off leads that move through a "funnel", but marketing and PR see contacts more as relationships that are ongoing.

Submarine is built around keeping track of the relationships that your marketing & PR teams have built up, and it makes it easy for your entire team to leave notes about a contact, record emails and tweets sent to and from them automatically, create shared todo lists and even keeps track of press coverage and placements.

It's been designed with a focus on as little data-entry as possible. Most data is automatically pulled in - like a contact's Twitter profile image, or any emails and tweets that you send to them (you don't even need to BCC Submarine on emails). If you use the Chrome extension, adding a contact can be as quick and simple as clicking one button, and letting the extension automatically pick up their email and social media profiles.

It's also been designed to make your contact data as useful as possible. You can run extremely powerful queries on your data - like "twitter followers > 5000 last emailed less than (2 weeks ago) tagged: journalist, tech", and the UI makes use of colourful buttons so you don't even need to remember how to write those queries.

How can I review Submarine?

Submarine comes with a free 30 day trial, with no need for a credit card. Sign up for any package and you won't be charged unless you choose to enter your billing details at the end of your trial.

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Who built the app?

My name is Dave Cooper Peiris, I'm a marketing consultant and Ruby developer based in the UK.

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If you have any questions at all, you can contact me at or you can tweet me at @sharkseo.