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Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis
  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Lifetime Spend: £564.00
  • Total Purchases: 2
  • Average Spend: £282.00
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Add tasks to contacts, companies, customers & projects
Set deadlines and assign them to team members
When you assign a task, the team member is emailed about it

Submarine keeps a record of completed tasks (Aug 08, 2020)


You can add notes to contacts, companies, customers and projects, and they'll be visible to everyone on your team.

Dave Cooper Peiris (Aug 04, 2020)


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Purchased Apple Headphones for £25.00 11:43am Tuesday, 18th Nov, 2014 Desktop
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9th Aug, 2020 Welcome to Submarine 12:41

You can cc Submarine on emails to have it archive them - or you can integrate your Gmail or IMAP account with Submarine to have it save conversations automatically.

Conversations are saved here so everyone on your team can see what's been said, and by who, so everyone is up to speed.


Any conversations you or your team have with a contact or customer on Twitter will be stored on their Submarine page, automatically.