Get to know your customers

Submarine Customer Analytics keeps track of your customers.
How often they visit, what they buy, and what they say.

Submarine Customer Analytics Dashboard

Beautiful, fast, intuitive search

Built on top of Submarine's lightning fast search, you can query your customer data for complex searches, such as "lifetime spend > £350 last visited more than (2 weeks ago)"

See your customer's lifetime spend

Submarine keeps a record of all the purchases your customers make and works out their lifetime spend, so you can see who your best customers are.

A truly social CRM

Customer Analytics automatically finds your customer's social profiles, so you can see who your most influential customers are and what they're saying about you.

A complete history for each customer

From their first visit to their last purchase and everything in-between, each customer gets their own page where you can see every action they've taken on your site.

Automatically archive conversations

Any conversation you (or anyone on your team) has with a customer over email or Twitter will be archived automatically. You don't even need to remember to copy Submarine in.

Easy to install tracking

Just like Google Analytics, copy and paste Submarine's tracking tag onto your site, and it'll start working. You can be up and running in less time than it takes to make yourself a coffee.