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Beware of the critics

If you're in the business of building products, criticism can be found everywhere. But remember - while it's worth listening to it, try not to take it to heart.

Shipping vs Launching

There's a surprisingly big difference between having a culture of shipping products, and of launching products - and there's only one that works best for perfectionists.

Google Analytics' Isogram Easter Egg

Google have often hidden easter eggs in the code for their products - and Google Analytics is no exception.

When Excite nearly bought Google

Back in 1997, Excite were extremely close to buying Google - then called BackRub - but the deal fell through largely as a result of incompetence.

UI idea: advanced search buttons

Good user interfaces cater for both new users and power users, but I think that great UIs also help to turn new users into power users.

How to use Heroku efficiently

Heroku is amazing, but it can get expensive. Workless is a gem that helps to make using Heroku efficiently and smartly.

UX advice for your Rails app

The user experience for your app can have a huge impact on whether it's a joy to use or a never ending source of frustration.

Kill the promo code box

The promotional code can be found on checkouts all over the web, but it very rarely provides a good user experience.

The back of the cabinet

Steve Jobs was notorious for his obsessive attention to detail, particularly when it came to design.

What startups can learn from Amazon

Amazon is a company that runs like no other, and while their way of working isn't ideal for many - there are some important lessons that startups can get out of it.

Lessons learned from 3 years of freelancing

It's been almost 3 years since I quit my stable job at an agency to freelance full-time. Here's what I've learnt, and what I wish I knew when I started.

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